Precious Plastic aims to find renewed purpose for all non-recycled and non-toxic plastics waste. Our aim currently involves creating the space and machines that enable us to give a new life to non-recycled plastics. We hope to inspire you to come build with us and create plastic products.

Plastic is a resource, not waste!

How does it work?

Based on the ideas of the founder of Precious Plastic, Dave Hakkens, we want to build a shredder, a compressor and an injector. This mechanical construction stage takes place at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 in parallel with mold making and idea generation. Once the machinery is up and running, the possibilities for products are endless. The main challenge will be to come up with the right idea.

We hope to expand on the ideas of Dave Hakkens and build products that can replace what would normally be purchased – therefore, we want to actually recycle plastics to generate value in our daily lives and avoid generating new plastic. We hope to bring a space to ETH where (not only) students can learn, explore and expand the possibilities of plastic recycling.


Veronica Contucci