15 12, 2019

The true cost of flying


Date & Time: 10. December 18:00 Location: HG D7.1 Transportation by airplanes has long been standard. At the same time, the costs for our climate are not included in air fares. So, how can CO2 emissions be limited? ETH Economics Professor Renate Schubert gives an analysis of the problem in this talk and discusses tax [...]

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14 12, 2019

The hidden costs of our food choices


Date & Time: 19th December, 18:00 Location: HG E5 What are the effects of our food choices on the environment? How can we transform out eating habits so that they are more compassionate towards other species? Ed Winters (Earthling Ed), activist for the wellbeing of animals, will guide us in a journey where we can [...]

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