The Student Sustainability Commission (SSC, formerly known as [project 21] respectively WeAct Students) is the sustainability commission of VSETH and the place to go for student organised action for more sustainability at ETH Zurich.


What we do

A future-oriented, critical, open-minded and environmentally friendly ETH is our goal!

The range of our topics is thereby broad on purpose and ranges from ecological, economical and socio-political questions as well as Social Entrepreneurship to digital sustainability.

We support this common goal within five departments, each in its own way and with its own focus.

  • University Development
    We develop constructive proposals for solutions in order to integrate sustainability at ETH as a fundamental principle in its teaching programme, research, establishment and governance. Therefore, we are in close contact with ETH Sustainability, the ETH office for sustainability, as well as additional committees depending on the topic.

  • Events
    We organise cooking classes, movie screenings, excursions (e.g. to zero-waste shops), workshops (e.g. for DIY hygiene products or food sharing) to advocate a green lifestyle to students of ETH Zurich in a fun and enjoyable way.

  • Projects
    We support the implementation of student projects related to sustainability. On the one hand, we possess a certain budget to give financial support to such projects. On the other hand, we can help you to get in contact with the responsible people at ETH as well as mobilise additional students who would support you directly with the planing and implementation.

  • Network
    The exchange with and mutual support of diverse sustainability organisations in Zurich and across Switzerland is important to us, since when it is about sustainability, it is not about being better than the others, but achieving more together.

  • Digital Sustainability
    We promote the enagagement with and the understanding of free and open source-software as an alternative to proprietary software. For this we help students to install Linux on their computers and teach them how to work with it.


We are a team of honorary working students from different fields of study that share a common goal.

Join us!

Would you like to get engaged with advocating sustainability at ETH? Then contact us because we believe that everyone can contribute their share to sustainability! And together, we can achieve even more.
Do you have an idea for an event or would like to initiate a project about a sustainability topic? Likewise, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch!