22 02, 2020

Divestment – Who does our money work for?


Date & Time: 4. March 14:30 Location: HG F33.3 Public money is usually invested only looking for security and return disregarding of the investment’s societal and environmental impact. The divestment movement calls for institutions to move their investments out of the fossil fuel sector, as they present a growing risk both for investors and the [...]

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22 02, 2020

Movie Screening: The Game Changers


Date & Time: 25. February 18:00 Location: HG E5 Muscles = gym + diary products, eggs, meat? Through the ground-breaking documentary "The Game Changers", you will learn how many professional athletes perform at best on a plant-based diet. Get inspired by the power of legumes and veggies! The movie screening will be followed by a [...]

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