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What we do

Sustainability is so multifaceted that there is not the one correct way of getting closer to the goal. To achieve sustainability, we have to work together on diverse actions and to empower each other in order to be successful. Thus, we support diverse student projects which contribute in their own manner to our path. This allows us to exploit the endless possibilities that exist and are being developed in the heads of the students.

We can provide support in several aspects. We possess a budget to help out financially. Additionally, we can get students in contact with the responsible people to implement the projects. Furthermore, if you need additional people for planning and implementing your project, we can advertise it on our diverse channels and mobilize motivated students to join you.

Do you have an idea?

The only thing that is still missing is YOUR idea? Does it already exist in your head? Then contact us! In case you would like to implement a project, but you do not yet have an idea, why not getting inspiration from our current projects? Or ask us whether someone else is launching a project and could use your help.

Also, if your project is already ongoing but you would like us to advertise it to catch the awareness of more students/ people, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us!

Current and past projects

Sustainable Company Fair

2016 kamen die Studenten Tobias Wyler und Carina Heuberger auf [project21] mit der Idee zu, eine Firmenmesse an der ETH Zürich zu organisieren, an der nachhaltige Unternehmen/Arbeitgeber Studierenden ihre Jobmöglichkeiten vorstellen können. Wir unterstützen das Projekt bei Organisation und Durchführung. Erste Treffen zur Erarbeitung von Kriterien für die Frage „Was sind nachhaltige Unternehmen?“ haben bereits stattgefunden. Derzeit wird für das Projekt ein/e motivierte/r Organisator/in gesucht, [...]

Sustainability Guidelines

Zurich Model United Nations [project 21] und Zurich Model United Nations (ZuMUN) haben 2016 gemeinsam einen nachhaltigen Veranstaltungsguide für die ZuMUN 2017 erarbeitet. Ziel ist es, den Anlass insbesondere hinsichtlich ökologischer Aspekte nachhaltiger zu gestalten. Die erstellten Nachhaltigkeitsrichtlinien sollen 2017 in einem zweiten Schritt um weitere Aspekte des alltäglichen Betriebs ergänzt werden und dann als Grundlage dienen, um eine allgemeine Nachhaltigkeitsguideline auszuarbeiten, die auch innerhalb [...]


The question of food security underlies many of the world’s problems today. In wealthier nations, we are being called upon to trust a highly opaque supply chain and our choices are limited to those things that major supermarket chains are willing to stock. A huge transport and storage apparatus adds to the cost and CO2 emissions and detracts from the nutritional value of the produce [...]

Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic aims to find renewed purpose for all non-recycled and non-toxic plastics waste. Our aim currently involves creating the space and machines that enable us to give a new life to non-recycled plastics. We hope to inspire you to come build with us and create plastic products. Plastic is a resource, not waste! How does it work? Based on the ideas of the founder [...]


Studio!Sus: Das Themenheft zur Nachhaltigkeit Der Studio!Sus ist eines unserer ältesten Projekte. Wir betrachten in jeder Ausgabe ein Querschnittsthema unter dem Gesichtspunkt der Nachhaltigkeit. Das Artikelspektrum reicht von studentischen Beiträgen über Interviews zu Expertenkommentaren. So schaffen wir einen möglichst zeitlosen und einfachen Zugang zu unseren Anliegen. Der Studio!Sus wird hier frei zugänglich publiziert, ist Creative Commons-lizenziert und wird an zahlreichen Universitäten aufgelegt. Die aktuellste Ausgabe: [...]


At Velove you will find all the tools you need to repair your bike. The idea is that it is a DIY workshop, however, it is also meant to be a place to learn about fixing bikes. Share your knowledge and also benefit from others’ experiences. Anyone who wants to try fixing their bike is welcome!