About us

The Student Sustainability Commission (SSC) is the sustainability commission of VSETH and the place to go for students who want to boost sustainability at ETH Zurich. We are in close contact with ETH Sustainability, the staff position of ETH for sustainability, as well as with other committees and organisations, always depending on the issue concerned.

We tackle questions and problems relating to sustainable development and are a platform for innovative and sustainable student projects and part of a network of students from ETH, Zurich and from all over Switzerland.

Through public events, workshops and talks, we participate actively in the sustainability debate at university level.

Also, we strive for more sustainable university policies at ETH (e.g. reduction of flight travels, divestment, renewable energy and heat).

Our spectrum of topics is thereby deliberatly defined as a very large one and covers ecological, economic and social questions as well as Social Entrepreneurship and digital sustainability (theAlternative) respectively open source concepts.

We are a group of students of ETH Zurich volunteering for SSC.

SSC has emerged through the fusion of the student organisations [project21] and WeAct Students in February 2018. Both organisations have had the common goal to make everyday life at their university more sustainable and decided to join forces in order to achieve together even more. [project21] was structured into the different sections network, university policies, events, student projects and digital sustainability (theAlternative), whereas WeAct Students specialized fully on organising events from students for students. After the fusion, WeAct Students therefore took care of the event department of SSC, while the rest of the organisational structure (i.e. the remaining departments university policy, theAlternative, projects and networking) mostly still corresponds to the structure of the old [project21] sections.

An overview of our activities during the past years can be found in our annual reports (only available in German):

[project21] Annual report 2017

[project21] Annual report 2016

Do you want to join us?

Do you want to know more about us? Do you want to get a taste of what it is like to be engaged at SSC and do you want to get in touch with SSC volunteers in order to find out about their volunteer activities? Or do you have an idea for an own project and are searching for advisory or financial support without having to found an own association or doing all of the paperwork all on your own?

Then just get in touch with us: Attend one of our public events (By the way: not only our workshops and movie nights but also our super cool board meetings are public 😉) or write us an email.

And in any case: subscribe to our newsletter, to stay always up to date.

We are looking forward to meet you!



Universitätsstrasse 14

8092 Zürich

Email: info@ssc-eth.ch